The Tunç Law Firm, which takes being meticulous and precise as principle, is an expert in its field and provides its clients with an assuring environment where it works with its clients very closely and the clients can make contact and request assistance at any hour of the day. The head office is in Ankara.

The Tunç Law Firm is one of the best addresses in Turkey if you are confronted with a legal issue and in search of a law firm which is well-intentioned, genuine and also willing and careful to fulfill unique needs of its clients.  


All the principles that the Turkish Advocacy Act and international law determined as working principles of an advocate are the guiding principles for our law firm.

We would like let you know that when we practice our profession, we are committed to our conscience first and the laws, occupational ethics and morals that determine our working principles.

A good lawyer works with all of his knowledge, skill and heart, beyond his material benefits, to administer justice fully and in a timely manner, which has been one of the most important concepts since the beginning of humanity, and to improve law.

While he practices his profession, keeping in mind that power of attorney is a very special relationship between proxy and client, he remains faithful to laws, ethics and moral principles and acts the fastest way.

Our law firm has been, since its foundation, and will be in your service without making any compromises from its principles. 



Turkish Commercial Law – Management Consultation for Commercial Companies
Company Law
Execution and Bankruptcy Law
Information Technology Law
Sports Law
Building Laws – Contract of Work
Energy Law
Business Law
Law of Obligations
Insurance Law

Att. İsmail Özgün TUNÇ
He was born in 1981 in Ankara. He graduated from the Marmara University - Faculty of Law. He did a master degree in the field of European Union Law in the Gazi University between the years of 2006-2008. He is an expert on Building Law and Contract of Work.

Att. Şerife BAYAR TUNÇ
She was born in 1979 in Ankara. She graduated from the Başkent University – Faculty of Law. She has expertise in such fields as Sports Law, Information Technology Law, and Public Procurement Law, beside she makes expert reviews in the areas of Actuary Law and Destitution of Help.

Att. Tuna ÖNER
She was born in 1987 in Berlin. She graduated from the Ankara University – Faculty of Law. She is experienced in Business Law. 

Att. İrem DUMAN
Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesinde 2008-2012 yıllarında Lisans eğitimimi almıştır. Bilirkişilik ve arabuluculuk sertifikaları bulunmaktadır. Ankara İcra-İflas Müdürlüğünde iflas idare memurluğu ve Ankara İş Mahkemelerinde işçilik alacaklarına yönelik bilirkişilik yapmıştır. Özellikle iş hukuku alanında tecrübe ve uzmanlık sahibidir.

Att. Recep KILINÇ

Att. Ozan BAYRAK

Av. Havva Duman Solak
Selçuk Üniversitesi Hukuk fakültesi mezunudur. Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesinde yüksek lisans yapmıştır. İş göremezlik ve Destekten Yoksun kalma; İş mevzuatından kaynaklı Nitelikli hesaplama; Arabuluculuk Eğitim Sertifikaları bulunmaktadır.

Alp TÜZMEN (Genel Koordinatör)
Hacer ARSLAN (Asistan)
Adem TÜRKMEN (Baş Katip)
Fırat ÖZDEN (Katip)
Bayram KARA (Katip)

Büyükesat Mah. Mahatma Gandi Cad. No:91/8 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA

Phone + 90 (312) 468 68 64
Fax + 90 (312) 468 68 39


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